Yorkies By Cheri

Tiny, Unique

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God Bless America

 Welcome To
 Our Yorkie Home

We are located right outside


Gainesville, Texas. 

We strive to 

produce Exquisitely Bred and 

Rare AKC registered  

 Yorkshire Terriers in 

our home. 

Given lots of love and attention!

All Natural and Holistic Puppy

Care. We specialize in Platinum

 Blonde, Dark Chocolate, 

Blonde Chocolate and Chocolate

Parti Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


They will bring i nvaluable love

and companionship to your life. 

Your new addition to your family

 is a priceless investment in 

years to come.


Our relationship with our Puppy

Families does not end when 

you leave our home with your 

new family pet.  We are always 

here for you No matter the need.  

Our new puppy families will

always be in our hearts and 

on our minds.